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Open thoughts...

Has there ever been something that you wanted to post about... but felt like you couldn't in your own journal?

Do you have a rant that you want to scream from the roof tops but just don't have the guts to scream?

Do you have a comment about me that you just aren't brave enough to say to me with your user name attached?

Here is your chance... not logging IPs... you can post anon...

Spill your heart, mind, thoughts, comments...



I will not persuade you one way or another. I don't care if you vote McCain or Obama... all I ask... is JUST VOTE!

Thank you!

P.S. Can't really bitch about a candidate who is elected president if you didn't vote... ;-P


Today marks 6 years...

In rememberance of all of those who lost their lives on that day... and all of those lives lost due to those events.

Forever on our hearts and minds.

United 93

I don't know what I was thinking watching this movie... I have spent the last 2 or so hours in tears. I also have been having a severe anxious reaction to the movie.

My prayers are with those soldiers I know, as well as the ones I don't. My prayers remain with those who are fighting or willing to fight, as well as with those who have lost their lives in the effort.

All politics aside, my heart aches. Despite my distance from the location... I am forever moved and will never forget.

9/11/06 photos

I wanted to share these pictures... beware, I only resized the first one...

Two firetrucks set up next to one another and raised a flag between their tower/ladder... it was such a moving thing to witness...

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9/11 Rememberance, Salem, OR 9/11/2006Collapse )

September 11th

I would like to start off by asking that everyone take a moment of silence today. Send a thought or prayer to those who have been affected by the events 5 years ago as well as to those protecting our country. And appreciate the life that we live each day... every breath that we take.

I will update later today after the events that will be taking place in the early evening in Salem, at the WaterFront park... I encourage you to go visit. There is a Honor Flag set up for EACH individual who was lost within the Twin Towers as well as the lost lives on the planes that day. Directly next to it is a set up of flags in honor of the lives lost in the war against terror. They have all of these flags set up and flooded with light, as a flag should always be lit. Attached to some of the said flag poles are pictures and messeges... it is a touching memorial and a reminder of all that had been lost that day. A representation of the moments lost to those families affected.

Please, don't let a debate on war start... not on this day. Just take a moment and remember the lives we have lost. Set your feelings aside... today is a day of rememberance.

<3 <3 <3 <3

I am thankful for every single one of you on my list, as well as those not on my list. You are all in my thoughts... always.


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